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Why Pleased?

Easy Collaboration

Collaborate on tickets and chats, easily. Discuss with your teammates, work together on helping your customers, and assign or escalate tickets or chats to find a solution faster.

Instant Answers

Knowledge Base that can guide your customers to find answers on their own. Chatbot that can save your support team’s time, and not keep your customers waiting.

Tremendous Timesaving

Automation enables your customer support team to focus on things that matter. Templates help them address customer issues faster, and more accurately.

How can Pleased help you ?


HelpDesk | Advanced Ticketing System

Create tickets from emails, chats, phone calls, and social media. Keep track of customer requests with categories, tags, priorities, and status. Respond to customers faster with the help of views and templates. Make sure your team can stay organised.

LiveChat | Interactive Chat Interface

Let customers find instant answers on their own with the help of chatbot. Guide your customers through different question before reaching live chat and connecting with a customer support agent. Save customer’s time and provide them with the most enjoyable way to reach you.


Knowledge Base | Organised Help Articles

Create and categorise support articles and show them on your website or in your applications. Help your customers find answers on their own, instantly.

Automations | Save Your Time

Automations help you get rid of repetitive tasks and let Pleased do the job for you. Whenever a ticket is created or updated, and every hour all day long, checks are run automatically through all your tickets to update them, if conditions are met.


Collaboration | Work Together, Better

Collaboration tools such as group based operations, internal notes, @mention feature, and so much more help you work with your teammates more efficiently. Answers to the customers are delivered much faster, and more consistent.

Analytics | Measure, Analyse, Improve

Reporting and analytics that help you understand your cusotmers’ needs better, enable you to provide customer service with a better quality, measure and monitor your support team’s performance.


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