Event based triggers and time based automations help you optimise customer support

Automate repetitive tasks to save your support team’s time, allow them to focus on things that matter. With Pleased powerful automations, you can create rules and workflows that help you run on autopilot, optimise your response time, and win customer loyalty.


Event Based Triggers

Triggers run every time when a ticket is created or updated to check if any action should be triggered, so you don’t need to check and manually update everything.

Time Based Automations

Automations run once every hour on all tickets, and fire when conditions are met. Smart automations perform actions depending on where your customers contacted you from, and what they contacted you about.


Auto Ticket & Chat Assignment

With auto assignment, tickets and chats are assigned to the right groups or agents instantly. They can be assigned based on agent’s skills, their workload, or customer’s loyalty level, and so much more.

Full-Time Auto Monitor

Triggers and automations run around the clock and update tickets accordingly. They bring tickets to agent’s attention right away, and update customers on the progress of their requests.


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