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Use Pleased easy to understand reports and analytics to understand your customer’s need better, find the trend and get ahead of things. Make data-driven decisions, improve your customer service, and win customers over.


Understand Your Customers

Through Pleased insights, discover the reasons why your customers get in contact with you, understand their needs and requests, and make adjustments to satisfy them.

Insights into Your Products

Through the eyes of your customers, understand your products better from a customer’s perspective. Improve your products and processes based on their feedback.


Measure Agent Performance

Gain insights into overall performance of your support team, and understand individual agent’s performance. Reward the best performers and improve the work of the others to boost productivity of your support team.

Time Based Measurement

Understand data such as ticket creation time, first reply time, chat durations etc. to understand how customers engage with your customer service, and better allocate your support resources.


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