Leverage Knowledge Base for better self-service and support your agents

Save time for your customers as well as your support team with a public help centre that provides round-the-clock self-services. The Pleased Knowledge Base is easy to create, easy to manage, and easy for customers to use.


Flexible Categorisations

Create as many as categories, sections, sub-sections as you need, or not. The Pleased Knowledge Base is so flexible that you can use it however you want.

Accessible from Everywhere

Place your Knowledge Base content to all the channels your customers could reach out for help - your website, mobile apps, and inside live chat. Customers can help themselves, from anywhere, at anytime.


Multi-Brand Help Centre

Provide every brand of yours with its own Knowledge Base. Customise for each brand to provide distinguished brand identify. Clone content to avoid repetitive copy & paste.

Searchable Content

Knowledge Base articles contain information about your products and frequently asked questions. Search function allows your customer to easily find relevant information fast.


Make your customer pleased today

A better way to connect with your customers.
An enhanced solution to facilitate your support team.

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