Collaboration among teammates helps you deliver best possible customer support

Teamwork is at the core of efficient customer support. Pleased helps you work together with team members from the entire company to provide quick and consistent answers to your customers. It is easier than ever to share knowledge within a team.


Groups at the Centre of Operations

Create groups of agents with different workflows to maximise the potentials of your support team. Create ticket and chat routing based on groups and allow them to work on tickets together.

Internal Notes with Context

Use internal notes on tickets to provide contexts to your teammates. It is especially useful when assigning tickets to another agent, or asking for help from outside of your support team.


@Mention for Attention

Mention helps you draw immediate attention from your teammate. Use mention to discuss tickets, notify your team members, and assign tickets with context.

CC to Follow Progress

Use CC in tickets to keep your teammates updated on the ticket progress. It can also be used for administrators to keep track of things and monitor the quality of the support work.


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