Create instant connections with your customers using live chat

Help customers help themselves with chat routing and chatbot. Let messages reach your support team with contexts to solve customer problems proactively. Anticipate questions to respond faster and create a chat experience your customers love.


AI-Powered Chatbot

Let smart chatbot help you guide your customers find the right answers on their own. Automate simple and repetitive tasks and provide your support team a helping hand.

Tools that Help You Excel

Use chat limit and status to control chat flows. Use quick reply to address customer’s problem faster. Monitor incoming chats and pool support resources to ensure customers’ requests get taken care of.


Efficient Chat Handling

Auto assign chats to agent with less open chats. Allow agent to manually assign chats to other agents and turn chats into tickets if further investigation is needed to handle customers’ requests.

Chat Widget Customisations

Easily embed chat widget on to your website or mobile apps. Adjust the look and feel of your widget so that it matches with your brand. Get relevant customer information before live chat starts.


Make your customer pleased today

A better way to connect with your customers.
An enhanced solution to facilitate your support team.

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